Ediacaran Group Shines at Inaugural Morocco Gaming Expo 2024

Rabat, Morocco – The inaugural Morocco Gaming Expo, held from May 24 to May 26, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the country’s burgeoning electronic gaming industry. Organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication, the expo aimed to bolster the local gaming scene by bringing together developers, startups, gamers, and industry experts.

The event featured four main sections, including a display area with over 70 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations, a conference section hosting 50 industry experts, a competitive tournament with 100 players, and a collaborative section promoting exchange and cooperation. Notably, investment companies were present, scouting for opportunities to collaborate with promising gaming startups.

One of the event’s highlights was the attendance of Takaya Imamura, a renowned independent video game developer and artist with three decades of experience at Nintendo. Imamura’s presence drew large crowds of fans eager to meet him and get their cards signed.

Nissrine Souissi, the director of the fair, emphasized the expo’s objective to familiarize visitors with the electronic gaming industry’s potential. She also announced the Ministry’s plans to establish the Rabat Gaming City, set to open in September 2025, aiming to bring together key industry players and attract foreign investment.

A significant moment at the expo was the keynote speech delivered by Ms. Sophie Zhong, a management member of Ediacaran Group. Her presentation, titled “Marketing and Promoting Asian Game IPs in Morocco – Creating an Extraordinary Gaming Universe,” captivated the audience and underscored the importance of cultural adaptation in gaming. Ms. Zhong’s speech covered various topics, including:

  • Collaborations with local game companies and developers
  • Understanding the impact of cultural factors on gaming habits, trends, and preferences
  • Adapting game content and user experience to resonate with local gamers
  • Engaging with local gaming communities and influencers through online/offline events and tournaments
  • Partnering with local publishers and telecom companies
  • Building a regional gaming hub

Additionally, Ms. Zhong emphasized Morocco’s centrality as a strategic hub for the gaming industry in Africa during a press conference at the expo. She highlighted Morocco’s significant infrastructure development, positioning the country as a vital access point to African markets. Ms. Zhong praised Morocco’s efforts and experience in the cultural and creative industries and called for the appropriate localization of electronic industries in Morocco and across the continent to foster mutual interests and promote video games.

She also pointed out the importance of leveraging local education systems that use video games for educational purposes, noting the possibility of bringing Chinese educators to Morocco. Her remarks underscored the Chinese investor group’s intention to invest in Morocco’s gaming sector and explore its development potential.

Following her speech, the Ediacaran delegation also met with the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication to discuss potential collaborations, emphasizing the importance of strengthening ties between local and international gaming entities.

Ediacaran Group’s participation in the Morocco Gaming Expo 2024 not only highlighted the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in new markets but also reinforced the importance of cross-cultural collaboration in the global gaming industry. As the Moroccan gaming scene continues to grow, events like the Morocco Gaming Expo will play a crucial role in fostering innovation and cooperation within the industry.