Ediacaran Holdings Cayman Limited (EDICR)  excels in asset management, offering a professional and innovative approach to global asset allocation. Our overseas investment portfolio is strategically diversified to meet the unique needs of our clients. As a leader in the asset management industry, EDICR combines in-depth market insights with rigorous risk assessments to provide clients with optimal investment choices. The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) in Antigua and Barbuda is a significant component of our global investment strategy, reflecting our commitment to offering innovative approaches for enhanced asset appreciation.

Additionally, EDICR extends its expertise to family office services, providing clients with tailored solutions in Japan and Singapore, such as real estate investment and business management visa in Japan, Singapore family office and employment pass (EP). Understanding the challenges of family wealth management, our comprehensive services include wealth inheritance planning, tax optimization, and robust investment management. We are dedicated to ensuring long-term success and succession of family wealth through optimized investment solutions.


EDICR Asset Management
Comprehensive Navigation for Family Wealth Succession
EDICR Asset Management brings together a professional team covering global asset allocation, domestic and international taxation, and family services, offering families a 360-degree comprehensive service. Our specific services include domestic and international family trusts, parent funds, global asset allocation, family affairs services, succession planning, philanthropy, cross-border asset protection, and family governance. We are committed to helping families achieve steady global asset appreciation and sustainable succession.
Family Wealth Succession
We provide comprehensive solutions for family wealth succession, including intergenerational wealth transfer and long-term planning. Through methods such as tax planning and resolution of property disputes, we achieve efficient and dispute-free wealth succession.


Family Member Life Management
We offer personalized life maintenance and assistance services for family members and children, including identity establishment, local business and factory acquisitions, children’s education and school selection, and social circle introductions.
Stable Investment Strategy
Our investment philosophy focuses on risk awareness, aiming for sustainability and asset preservation rather than blindly pursuing unrealistic high returns. We cover unique trading opportunities, disruptive technologies, the digital future, real estate, high-quality bonds, and quantitative asset allocation.
Building Charitable Initiatives
Through efficient charitable donations, we contribute to community development, job creation, and environmental protection, making a meaningful contribution to safeguarding our oceans and planet. We also provide rewards and support, achieving a broader social impact.