Ediacaran Group (EDICR) was founded in Singapore as a leading provider of cross-border assets and overseas services, driven by principles of professionalism, innovation, and collaboration. Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive wealth management solutions, overseas asset allocation strategies, and specialized consultancy services to our clients.

In our early stages, we specialized in offering distribution and multi-channel marketing services for global gaming products, including scene-based PR media operations, live broadcasting, TV commercials, strategy evaluations, SNS operations, and user insights. We have an extensive gaming distribution network across the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and Pan-Arab regions, along with a plethora of renowned gaming intellectual properties (IPs). With extensive experience and a myriad of strategies, we successfully promoted gaming products worldwide, forging strategic partnerships with media channels, developers, and distributors to collectively drive gaming promotion and marketing efforts.

Gradually, we transitioned, fueled by innovation and collaboration. Informed by keen market insights and a deep understanding of global dynamics, we evolved from our gaming roots to become a comprehensive investment service platform. This transformation integrates real estate investment management, fund management, financial industry management, and professional consultancy. Through strategic collaborations with governments, real estate developers, legal firms, and major financial institutions, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional support and services to our partners.

Our approach intertwines academic research with practical investment, utilizing financial expertise, legal knowledge, mathematics, technology, and years of experience to craft forward-thinking solutions. In the ever-changing global landscape, we evaluate risks and opportunities to formulate holistic strategies for our partners.

With our extensive multi-asset capabilities, global distribution platforms, technology-driven tools, and value-added services, we tailor solutions to meet diverse partner needs. Committed to leading industry advancements, we provide efficient and reliable services, earning us the trust and loyalty of our clients as their long-term partners.

Investments that last
We named after the Ediacaran, one of the most fascinating and unique periods in the history of life on earth, to express our vibrant and diverse taste in global investing, focusing on delivering our partners better outcomes and giving our partners an edge through innovation.

Figure 1. Watercolor painting of Ediacaran done by Richard Bligny (The Rise of Animals 2007)

The Ediacaran is a distinct geological period lasting from 635 to 538.8 million years ago. It marks the end of the Proterozoic Eon, and the beginning of the Phanerozoic Eon. The Ediacaran exhibits a unique biological, chemical, and cryogenic character, and records the transition from a planet largely dominated by microscopic organisms, to a Cambrian world swarming with animals, representing an important interval in Earth evolution.
Figure 2. Fossil of Tribrachidium heraldicum from the Ediacara Hills of Australia
The Ediacaran also marks the first appearance of a group of large fossils collectively known as the “Ediacara biota.” What these fossils are is still in question. Some of these fossils are simple blobs that are hard to interpret and could represent almost anything. Some are most like cnidarians, worms, or soft-bodied relatives of the arthropods. Others are less easy to interpret and may belong to extinct phyla. The Ediacaran rocks give us a good look at the first animals to live on Earth.



Figure 3. Fossil of Dickinsonia from the Ediacara Hills of Australia