Ambassador Aziz Debbagh

Ambassador Aziz Debbagh, a dynamic leader with an MBA and a BS from Manhattan College, excels in diplomacy, environmental advocacy, community relations, social empowerment, and food security. He served as Foreign and Economic Policy Advisor for CARICOM Heads of States, Special Envoy to CARICOM for Morocco, and Ambassador at Large for Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Saint Lucia's Ambassador for Business and Economic Development. Aziz also acted as a Government Consultant for Dominica and UAE Campaign Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean during Expo 2020 Dubai.


Mr. Sun, a distinguished figure in technology investments, served as the former head of investments in a publicly listed company. Armed with a postgraduate degree from Peking University, his rich academic background complements his extensive practical experience, cultivating a sophisticated investment acumen. His adept navigation of investment dynamics, with a specific focus on technology, underscores his standing as a seasoned professional capable of intricate and strategic financial maneuvering in the ever-evolving landscape of investment and technology sectors.

Sophie Zhong PhD, CFA

Dr. Sophie Zhong, a distinguished investment professional, possesses over a decade of expertise in family office management, excelling in asset allocation, investment strategy, risk management, and performance reporting. Armed with a Ph.D. in finance and a prestigious CFA certification, Dr. Zhong is dedicated to achieving outstanding results. Her illustrious career includes the adept management of intricate portfolios, ensuring a steadfast stream of consistent returns. Her keen analytical acumen has positioned her as a thought leader in the industry. She earned Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and holds a Bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University.


Mr. Fang, a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, leverages extensive expertise in marketing and game publishing. He established a thriving game publishing and marketing company in Japan in 2018. Through strategic alliances with industry behemoths like NetEase and Tencent, he and his team orchestrated the release of chart-topping games, including "LifeAfter," "Identity V," "Cyber Hunter," and "Daisangoku." Notably, "Life After" secured the title of Japan's most downloaded game in 2019, a pinnacle in Mr. Fang's entrepreneurial endeavours.