Construction Standards

Strict adherence to international standards such as UPTIME/Tier-Ⅳ, Tier-Ⅲ, and national standards GB50174/A-level data center construction requirements.

Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon

Extensive use of energy-saving equipment, cascading utilization of natural cold sources, self-use of residual heat from the data center, dynamic adjustment control strategies, ensuring an average annual PUE of less than 1.25.

Technological Innovation

Incorporation of innovative technologies such as magnetic levitation chillers, indirect evaporative cooling, diffused air supply, high-frequency modular uninterruptible power supply, prefabricated power modules, intelligent perception centralized monitoring platform, and artificial intelligence (AI) system optimization.

Green Environmental Protection

Utilizing intensive land methods, prefabricated construction, eco-friendly battery recycling, rainwater utilization, and three-dimensional green spaces to meet environmental standards and create a symbiotic human-machine intelligent eco-park.