Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, Set to Advance Green Development in China

In a landmark move towards sustainable and environmentally conscious economic development, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda is scheduled to visit the People’s Republic of China. The focus of this visit is to engage in discussions concerning the establishment of a robust economic system characterized by green, low-carbon, and circular development.
The prime agenda includes comprehensive talks on green planning, design, investment, construction, production, logistics, lifestyle, and consumption. Prime Minister Browne aims to emphasize the integration of eco-friendly practices into every facet of the economic process.
Central to the discussions will be the formulation of holistic plans to advance high-quality development and implement a high standard of environmental protection. Antigua and Barbuda, under Prime Minister Browne’s leadership, is committed to establishing an economic system that aligns with principles of green, low-carbon, and circular development. This ambitious endeavor is designed to ensure the realization of crucial global environmental goals, including the objectives of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.


The collaboration with EDICR plays a crucial role in making Prime Minister Browne’s visit to China a reality. By collaborating with China, Prime Minister Browne seeks to make significant strides in promoting green development, thereby securing a sustainable and eco-friendly future for Antigua and Barbuda, contributing to a global movement towards responsible and environmentally conscious economic practices.
Stay tuned for updates on this pivotal diplomatic mission, as efforts are made to craft a blueprint for a greener and more sustainable economic landscape.